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In the year 2560, humanity's multiple encounters with alien life forms have resulted in the expansion in the Earth's social framework. This led to commercial, technological and cultural interchanges between planets. The multi-billionaires who earned their wealth through intergalactic trade were mainly satisfied with their lifestyles, although most coveted more entertainment in their lives. With which the hover-vehicle racing genre (F-Zero Racing) was born.


Captain Falcon

Dr. Stewart


Samurai Gohora


IGN's Lucas M. Thomhas praised it for it's "Fast and unique racing action that inspired countless other games to come later..." Gmaespot praised it for

  • Well-designed, fast-paced futuristic racing feels just right
  • Attractive, colorful graphics hold up nicely after all these years
  • More than a dozen different tracks and multiple difficulty modes
  • Excellent, catchy soundtrack.

But critisized it for it's lack for a multiplayer mode.


# Knight League (Easy) Queen League (Moderate) King League (Hard) Ace League (Satellaview)
1 Mute City I Mute City II Mute City III Mute City IV
2 Big Blue Port Town Death Wind II Big Blue II
3 Sand Ocean Red Canyon I Port Town II Sand Storm I
4 Death Wind I White Land I Red Canyon II Silence II
5 Silence White Land II Fire Field

Sand Storm II